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Iranian refugees situation in India is not dissimilar to war refugees situation

581580_569121679778180_586728967_nIranian refugees situation in India is not dissimilar to war refugees. And unfortunately their critical difficulties specially regarding security and safety issues are ignored with the excuse of presence of Democracy and safety in India.
We are requesting all the human rights defenders and human rights organizations to show immediate attention to the forgotten ones in the biggest democracy of the world.
we are requesting government of India to review its decision regarding signing international conventions.

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Iranian refugees living in India, to the center for Refugee research

imagesDear officer in charge

We are a forgotten people in the world’s largest democracy, India. As one of UNSW’s projects in India, we respectfully ask for your attention.

The RCDP is about refugees working for refugees and is focusing on education, livelihood, social support and women’s safety. The RCDP was set up after community consultation held in South Delhi with refugees from the Somali and Afghan communities.

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“There is no bribe for us to be silent “, Iranian refugee community in India says

images (1)

“We sympathize with Indians but there is no bribe for us to be silent”, Iranian refugee community in India says:

For the third consecutive day, sporadic protests erupted in at least three places in New Delhi. Scores of supporters of the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party dodged a huge police cordon and managed to reach the gates of Parliament where they shouted slogans critical of the Delhi police’s handling of the case. Separately, about 100 women protested at another area near the Parliament building.

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The response to the protest of refugees in India!

317302_232393790154727_622231396_nTibetan refugees in India  protest against  UN policies

protest against UN with Delhi University Students,Oct 24, 2011

follow more pictures:

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refugee in limbo , without any right in India


According to the humanitarian definition, a refugee is someone who has fled his
country because he has a well-founded fear of persecution if he remains. The major obligation of refugee protection is the principle of non-refoulement, which ensures that a person is not returned to a life-threatening situation.

For India to evade such a principle appears subversive of its constitutional principles unless there are weighty reasons for doing so. New Delhi’s reasons for resisting refugee protection are paradoxical. On the one hand, its track record in dealing with the Tibetan, the Sri Lankan and the Chakma crises has been exemplary. Its hesitation to provide an intelligible and comprehensive protection to refugees seems to stem from two major considerations, which are artificial ghosts in the machine.

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Who will oversee implementing partners Commissioner for Refugees


The Use of implementing partners to provide services like health, education and legal advice is United Nations Strategy

Monitor the performance and training the staffs, there are some cases and matters that according to the following report, it has been predicted through periodic audits.
We the refugee rights defenders in India, according to the many problems of refugees with this partners, In the future, we will send you a request for a meeting with the auditors

follow the UNHCR’s report:

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Refugees In India: Legal Framework, Law Enforcement And Security

images (2)

All stories published on this blog until today wrote by the Human Rights activists and UN representatives 
In these reports, there are strengths and weaknesses
there is not a report which published by a refugee .
we will do it soon as soon.
And we try to shows what’s our rights and what’s UNHCR’s claim and what’s happening in action.

Campaign to defend refugee rights in India


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