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Open letter by Iranian refugees in India to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

524934_343899915728474_1576588945_nAntonio Guterres, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees says India has opened its doors for refugees and asylum seekers. While praising refugee policies of India, he believes that this country has set an example for other countries and invites them to emulate. 

The former Prime Minister of Portugal who was in India recently to attend the fourth round of open-ended bilateral consultations in New Delhi and deliberated on the current policies and activities of UNHCR in several regions of the world as well as on South Asia-specific situations, said in an interview with “Hindu” website:

India with its history, culture, traditions, is today an example of generosity in the way it has opened its borders to all people who have come looking for safety and sanctuary.

Without mentioning Iranian presence in India; Mr. Antonio Guterres speaks about Tibetans, Afghans and Myanmarese refugees in India and in praise of opening its borders policy for everyone he states: “India has a generous approach in relationship to all people and a proof of that is the granting of long term visas and work permits to refugees.”

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