Iranian Refugees in India in the 20th Day of Sit-in in front of UNHCR : Reveal the Problems in a Press Conference

IMG_5396 The 20th day of refugees’ protest sit-in in New Delhi with “Refugee Rights, Human Rights; we are standing together” slogan continued today while the previous days of this peaceful sit-in had the violent reaction of police forces.

On the previous days and after controversial police forces reaction in front of UNHCR office, refugees’ resistance and their persistence on continuing the sit-in, UNHCR officers in command held a meeting on Wednesday 19th June with protesting refugees and listened to their requests.

During this meeting, Iranian refugees who declined the request of UNHCR on individual meetings described their issues and difficulties in regards of safety issues and services which alleged by UNHCR on education, medical, discrimination and transferring to a third country process and demanded an explanation and solution for these problems by this organization.

“Transferring to a third country is refugee’s right but it is not guaranteed.”

“Refugee accepting Countries do not accept Iranian cases!”

“We have problems in India but we have this privilege that we do not deport refugees.”

And eventually they stated that India is a free country and you can continue with your protest!

UNHCR in India does not give any convenient answer in regards of resettlement and having no passport lead to wasting so many great career opportunities on part of Iranian refugees in and even outside India.

Iranian refugees are the main victims of India’s non accession to convention 1951 and clear violation of article 27 in regards of right to have identity verifications and article 28 on have the right to travel and use of travel documents caused critical and deplorable problems for Iranian refugees and led to waste of good career opportunities for them in universal competitions.

Iranian refugees are extreme minorities. Government of India does not care much about them. Moreover, India had strong political affair with Iran. And Iran and Islamic extremists groups are having a great and powerful influence in India.

While, security and safety issues are the most concern of Iranian refugees in India, the only possibility of getting legal support in India would be by a center which is working under the supervision of UN and help of Lawyers Committee of Human Rights. But the legal maneuver of these lawyers would limit a lot usually to the title of translator.

On the other hand, the field research of two Swedish Economists on racism in different countries which has been published in Washington Post put India in top countries with racism behavior and we the Iranian refugees saw and felt this matter completely.

Although sentiments and racist behaviors of part of Indian community are unbearable and irritating, but we don’t believe this includes all the people of India and we don’t generalize on this matter.

Despite all these issues that shows partial parts of Iranian small community’s problems in India, UNHCR even does not offer a program to resolve these problems and just repeat the difficulties of this organization in all meetings!

We, the Iranian refugees in India in the 20th day of our sit-in in front of UNHCR office in Delhi, ask director of this organization and its top officers to reveal the problems and issues they have, which they are talking about them in internal meetings, in a press conference and let the world know about their issues in Delhi.

Undoubtedly, declaring these issues will lead to global consultation and support of active organizations in the field of human rights and consciences individuals.

This is the least request of Iranian refugees in India in our 20th day of our sit-in in front of UNHCR in Delhi.

And we emphasis that with regard to the issues declared above as part of our problems we will continue our sit-in till UNHCR has convenient answer and suitable solution to solve these issues.

And again, we are inviting human rights activists, our compatriots and conscience individuals worldwide to contact UNHCR through e-mail and contact numbers mentioned below and demand an answer about their behaviors.

 E-mail of UNHCR in Delhi:

 Telephone number of UNHCR in Delhi


sign for support


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